Simple Fashion Tricks to look slim in Kurtas

“Flab is fab” is one phrase that brings a broad smile to the faces of many of us and a twinkle in our eyes. Fashion experts often win hearts when they say that the weight of your character is more important than the weight of your body. And we bulge even more with utter delight. But the truth is that flab can be fab, but slim is sweeter, rather sweetest for most people.

The Elegance of Kurtas and Kurtis

We all love slim, even those who are not so slim. In their own way, everyone tries to go an inch less. Some of us go by the myth that Kurtas and salwars seize our right to look gorgeous. But it is not true at all. Kurtas or Kurtis are in vogue today. Whether you have to go on a trip with friends, an office meeting, or a family function, Kurtis is the perfect ensemble. They are comfortable and elegant and render a soothing appeal. Plus, they can make you glow whenever you wear them.

Ideas to get a Slim Look in Kurtas

You only need a few improvisations in your choice and selections, and you can look as slim as you can in your Kurta. So here are some basic ideas for you to grab and rule the world with your simplicity.

Focus on Fit and Style

Kurtis or Kurta is one dress that is easy to wear. It makes you feel comfortable and light, whether you are at your office attending a meeting or on a trip with friends. But you must select a Kurta that easily fits on your body. It should not be clingy, or it can expose your flaws like your tummy. So make a collection of straight Kurtas or loose Anarkali that enhance your personality, like Women Navy Blue Ethnic Motifs Printed Anarkali Kurta.

Dark Shades for Selection

Dark colors are the best bet when you think about achieving a slim look. These colors camouflage your bulges beautifully. But dark shade does not necessarily mean black it can be navy blue, maroon, dark green, or shades of brown. The Navy Blue A-Line Women’s Kurta with Front Slit is an elegant example.

Fabrics with a graceful Flow

You must select fabrics having a graceful flow if you want a slim look. Choosing clingy dresses because you like them will not work for you. It will show your bulges and naturally you would feel embarrassed. So select the fabrics having an inherent flow like Silk, Georgette, Cotton, etc. For instance, the Block Print Straight Women’s Kurta which is casual in feel, and will shine with high heels.

Body Type the Main Concern

You do not need to limit yourself while selecting dresses. After all, we all have a right to wear what we like. But we also like compliments, don’t we? So we must consider our body type while choosing a dress. If we are plump, we must select high collars, long sleeves, and straight-cut Kurtas. Similarly, you must choose an Anarkali Kurta for a pear-shaped body. Women with broad shoulders must go for a flared Kurti. This Floral Print Flared Dress is a fine example.

Try Some Layering

Layering is another trick to attain a slim look. Shrugs, Scarf, and jackets can help you to camouflage your flaws. Heavy bottom ladies can go for Pants or a flared Palazzo like Floral Straight Kurta with Palazzo.

Accessories can make a Difference

Accessories, too, can make a difference. The right kind of dress requires the right accessories for perfection. Earrings complete a look. Wear medium-size earrings if you have a round face, while studs look beautiful on a heavy neck.


If we include these few tricks in our selection of dresses, we can work wonders for our look. Tricks are tricks, but slim is indeed sweet, health wise also. A bit of a slimming regime is not bad. Till then say hello to the fascinating range of Kurtis and make a lasting impression.